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Landing in Whangārei

a multicultural storytelling tour coming
Spring 2022


There are many stories of what brings people to Whangārei. Sometimes it's wild circumstance, fate, a promise, curiosity, or luck. But what keeps people here is just as unique: love, determination, nourishment, family, possibility. 


One local tale tells of two princesses, a man, a kārearea bird, an important decision, and a new will to thrive on the land that has been called Te Tuawhanga a Reipae [The Waiting Place of Reipae] & Whangārei Terenga Parāoa [The Gathering Place of the Whales (and Chiefs)].


What makes modern migrants stay?

Between our first days in Whangārei to now, what events knit our hearts to this land? 

When did we know that our future was also bound to Whangārei?

In partnership with Multicultural Whangārei, 'Landing in Whangārei' is a digital collection and public installation of stories of newfound belonging and shared connection to the mana of Whangārei.

Story Development Workshops

Are you a cultural migrant or third culture (child of migrants) who has had a unique connection with Whangārei?


We can help you tell your story!

Attend on of our FREE workshops to explore the connection between your heritage and our shared home. All ages welcome.

Sat, 2 July OR Sat 23 July

11am - 1:30pm

Multicultural Whangārei

37 Bank Street.

(upstairs in Civic Arcade)

Lunch Provided with RSVP

Check all that Apply:

Thanks for joining us!



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